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Daughter bought belt for 35 thousand, your heart will be happy to hear mother’s answer, see viral VIDEO

Instagram user Chhabi Gupta told her mother about her recent purchases. She bought a belt from the luxury fashion house Gucci, which costs around Rs 35,000. The answer given by Chhabi’s mother Anita Gupta made you laugh. He said that it is like a belt worn by the students of Delhi Public School in Ranchi.

Chhabi Gupta captured the moment in her camera and posted it on Instagram. It is viral on social media. Anita Gupta took out the green and red belt with the Gucci logo from the box and said, “Yeh DPS ka belt? How much is it?”

Chhabi quoted its price as Rs 35,000. On hearing this his mother said that this is a belt of Rs 35,000? What’s special about it? Looks like DPS belt in Ranchi. And what is this GG written? It would have been available for 150 rupees. What’s so good about it? Also, why is it written GG on it?

Chhabi can be heard laughing in the background. His mother said, “There should be money in empty hands and it should be wasted.”

The video has gone viral on social media and netizens were delighted to see it. One user wrote, “This is amazing.” Another user said, ‘Can’t stop laughing. Your mother is very sweet.”

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Written by Kya Miyaa


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