Firefighter Puts Out Fire on a Boat with a Jet Ski, Viral Video Leaves Netizens Stunned

jaw-dropping video of a firefighter dousing the flames of a burning boat by splashing water over it using a jet ski has gone viral on the internet. The stunt, which looks straight out of an action movie set, has gained him much-deserved applause and appreciation. On May 27, Rochester Fire Fighters Association IAFF107, New York posted a clip featuring an off-duty firefighter, identified as Oscar Herrera, riding a jet ski back and forth in the water, forcing the waves to put out a fire on the boat. The incident took place on May 20 at Mayer’s Marina on Irondequoit Bay. The unconventional method proved to be surprisingly effective and helped get the fire under control before it caused any more damage.

The heroic stunt has racked up more than 32,000 views, almost 12,00 likes with people showering praises to Herrera for his quick-thinking and alertness. A user wrote that he wants to see “this stud on the show.”

Talking to WHAM, Herrera -who works at Engine 10 and Ridgeway avenues -said that he had seen the trick on YouTube earlier, so he wanted to try it himself. He explains when he went over to see what was going on, a couple of other jet skis were “basically staring at it”, so, he thought about what can be done to help.

He further shared how he did some manoeuvres to create a big wake to throw water on the flames.

In 2018, a similar incident took place when a boat caught fire at Boondooma Dam, Queensland in Australia. Unable to find a fire extinguisher, Jason Dobinson — a Maroochydore resident — used a jet ski to put out the roaring flames. Dobinson told the media that he had seen this method on YouTube once. He mentioned it took him “three doughnuts” to douse the fire completely.

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Written by Kya Miyaa


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